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United Eleven is a Free to Play Browser MMO Manager Footbal Game, developed by Nexon Europe.

For many it is the thrill of finding space to pass the ball to one of your team members, to take down a rival opponent before they can break your defences or to hear the cheer of the crowd as you slam the ball into the back of the net as a star player on the football team. For others the glory comes in assembling such a squad of professionals, being responsible for each player’s training and contentment within the team, for strategizing and using tactics and formations and reacting to the opponent teams actions and cheering on from the sideline giving a much-needed team talk in the dressing room at half-time as the manager.

In United Eleven and player can live that dream as they assemble a brand-new club, starting with choosing your team name and club logo. Managers have full control over their team, who they put into their team, including substitutes and access to their full squad of reserves showing all the players they have access to. Manager can determine the best formation to use for his available players, checking out their current positions with a focused overview.

Team cohesion is one of the most important elements of the game, players are taken from clubs all over the world and some licensed from the best European leagues, their in game player characters stats representing their real-world performance. Having great players isn’t simply enough to create a strong team, even a team of lower quality players can have a stronger overall performance if they have a better unity. Such elements as players being from the same country can boost performance and team cohesion.

As well as checking out the league position to see not only way your own team stands, but the position of other players in your league, players can also check out the Player Stats table, which shows which player is currently at the top, the club that they play for, their position, level, the number of goals they have scored and many other valuable stats. Players can also see the Best 11 players of the entire competition, placing them in a fictitious superteam in a 4-4-2 formation and each position can only be filled by one player e.g. two strikers, for midfield, four defenders and one goalie. This superteam shows which player club each member has come from so players can quickly see how many of their own teams players have made the lineup and are considered the Best 11.

Each club can typically have around 10 matches each day against other player manager clubs, players can check ahead of time in the weekly calendar to see which team is within their league they are going to play and on which days. Players are able to examine the upcoming teams that they are looking to face and examine their formation, team line up and other stats to give an idea of how well they are likely to perform against them. For those games that have been played through the week players are able to get a quick overview of what they want or lost and whether the match was played at home or away.

During the game players are able to change formations and tactics in real time, alternatively they can use a more automated “tactics” feature where the manager can put in key conditions that should be performed, such as substitute in players depending on their condition, there injuries and their rating. These tactics are divided up so that they are performed either “When Winning”, “When Drawing” or “When Losing” as well as whether they should take place in the first half, second-half (divided into 3x 15 minute slots, where three different tactics can be chosen) and then into extra time.
There are also various sliders that can be used to determine how team plays overall including which side of the field they try to push the most, whether they’ve play aggressively defensively, where they take long range shots focus on long or short passes.

The game uses an in game GP currency that players will accrue from winning games and taking part in events that they can use to purchase new players, boosters and training to enhance their team. There is a premium real-world currency shop available where players can purchase other items to improve their individual players and squad.

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United Eleven
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