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Developed by Alt1 Games for Windows, Troy Online is a free to play MMORPG strongly focused in PvP, set in the conflict between the Greeks and the Trojans based on the Trojan War, deviating towards the end of the war and featuring the god Apollo as the catalyst for a second round of battle. Players will have to discover the mysteries of the new continent of Autis: how the gods feature in, and discover the various motives of the world’s political powers.

There two factions to choose from (Troy and Greece) and three different basic classes: Warrior (a melee class that does great damage and has good defense due to their well-rounded item proficiencies), Hunter (Equally capable at range with their short bows and in melee range with their daggers) and Mystic (Incredible spells and abilities, but the lowest HP).

The game Offers different pvp modes. The Player vs Player system is made up of battlegrounds, Castle Wars (siege warfare), Hero Wars (racing and battling) and Olympus Wars (wars between the representatives of the gods).

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Troy Online
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