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Trove is a free 2 Play Building Adventure MMORPG developed by Trion Worlds.

Trove is a new voxel-based adventure MMORPG, which whilst on the surface seems to be very much an imitation of MineCraft is in fact something completely different and does in fact have more in common with other classic MMORPGs. Whilst players are indeed able to gather resources and construct houses and fortifications using blocks, they are also able to play between different classes, pick up quests, head into deep dungeons to face off against deadly denizens and epic bosses in search of treasure and powerful loot and much more.

There are strong customisation elements within the game, expected of any MMORPG, starting initially with player customisation where players are able to choose from a variety of starting looks and hairstyles for their character, which can still be changed later by visiting a barber. Players are also able to customise their gear for combat use as well as creating some unique looks, with new items added all the time including items that have been created by players themselves and put into the game as official items.

The game features a simple yet fun combat system, where players are able to choose from a variety of different classes, each of them having their own unique attacks and gameplay styles including the classic Knight (starting class) who uses his high defences and powerful melee weapons to dispatch his enemies with a few quick slashes or a stronger power up Smash. Alternatively players can try out the Gunslinger, a Western six shooter meets futuristic laser toting gunman that can fire off a few rounds as he runs around or power up a deadly Charge Shot. Players are able to level up the different classes and ultimately learning new abilities with their chosen class, though players are not restricted to a single class and can switch between each of them at a public terminal, with currently 5 to choose from and more to be added.

Adventuring in the world consists of both open sandbox exploration where players can fight their way across inhospitable terrains and even stumble upon various lairs, small adventure locations that can be soloed by a single player and typically has form of lower level boss inside just waiting for you to claim some loot gear off them. There are also quests that will take players into specific areas, often Dungeons, which are much larger and far more dangerous locales that many will require groups of players to overcome the challenges within in order to claim the greatest rewards.

As well as the questing, exploring and adventuring expected from an MMORPG there is also the crafting, creating and building element that is extremely strong within Trove. Initially players will be able to access to their own personal plot of land through a Cornerstone, one of the hundreds of sites scattered across the different worlds where players are able to build up their own personal Homestead. However, as players’ adventure into new locations or even two different worlds by later claiming an empty Cornerstone elsewhere they can transport their entire home/base to the new location so it is never too far away. Here players have access to their own storage as well as a workbench for crafting all manner of items to help them in their adventures including portals, defences, and other furniture to decorate their home with. To build their home or craft items layers will be required to head off into the world and find the necessary resource components needed to build such items, where some key items can only be acquired from certain locations players can destroy the land itself when in Build Mode (easily switched to from Combat Mode) and they can mine away the land to pick up resources that they can convert into blocks.

Aside from designing and building their own personal creations players are also able to work on building entire Dungeons that may be placed into the game as well is having access to their own Club Worlds, where they can work collaboratively with friends to design and fully build their own biome world with their own team of builders, their own ideas and then allow players to explore and adventure within it.

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