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Set in the middle Ages and developed by InnoGames, Tribal Wars is a browser-based, massive multiplayer online real time strategy game which allows you to lead a medieval village to fame and power. You control a small village, striving for power, glory and fame while the population grows, production rises and trade prospers. With your help the small village will grow bigger and bigger. Every Take down your enemies and prove you are a worthy champion.

In Tribal Wars, combat is heavily based on statistical attributes of troops, real-time waiting and attacking villages. You must recruit troops, Noblemen and Paladins and send them to reinforce or conquer another player’s village. If you aim to conquer it, you will need a particular unit called the nobleman, which will have to attack a village and survive. This unit decreases the village loyalty and when the village loyalty falls to zero or below, the attacker takes full control of the village.

Time management is extremely important in Tribal Wars, as each action take a pre-set amount of time to be completed, so a careful time management plays an extremely important role. It is not unusual for some actions to take hours, perhaps even days, to complete. In addition, the buildings have a construction timer too and each one need time to be completed. The time it takes a player’s army to reach another village depends on the distance, as well as the predetermined “speed” of the attacking units.

In this game, players can join a tribe or create their very own one to play with their friends. Tribes can set diplomacy with other tribe, create their own private tribal forum and grant different benefits such as mutual protection and guidance. The size of different tribes varies from world to world, depending on decisions of the tribal aristocracy and built-in limits on tribe size. In addition, some worlds do not allow tribes of more than one hundred members, while others have no limit on members.

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Tribal Wars
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