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Tiny Mighty is a free to play browser based RPG style MMO where players must play as a miniature hero and advance through various quests and combat stages to progress the story driven content, acquiring new hero team mates along the way and fighting greater and more challenging enemies. The games’ main characters are imitations of official Marvel characters such as Captain Mars (Captain America), Hunk (a blue version of Hulk), Maroon Witch (Scarlet Witch), Black Spider (Black Widow), Hunter (Hawkeye) and more. Graphically the game adopts a cartoonish style with the characters being small fat versions of their Marvel hero copies, set to a colourful backdrop and accessible through web browser. The game has a variety of social features including world chat channel to talk with other players and an integrated friends list to keep in touch with new people you meet.

The main content of the game sees players acquiring new Heroes by completing quests, rolling the Lucky Number Lottery or acquiring them in The Tavern feature; each hero has their own set skills that they unlock as they level up and will have their own gear that can be upgraded (albeit it doesn’t change the look of the character itself). Heroes will gain EXP and level up as they are used in battles, increasing their Battle Rating based from their attribute upgrades, gear upgrades and the level of their skills; all of which are upgraded independently.

Battles consist of instanced based areas that a player can enter and they will choose their heroes they wish to fight with, a maximum of five in the party, and engage in automated combat where the party progress through the side scrolling level automatically fighting any enemies they come across. As Heroes do more and more damage they build up an individual power bar that allows them to unleash one of their more powerful abilities that can deal great damage, crowd control enemies, heal allies and more (this can be automated or selected manually). Throughout the battle enemies occasionally drop chests to loot and players gain rewards, XP and coins at the end of the battle based off how well they performed in the stage. Completing a stage unlocks the next one for the level, growing more and more difficult and introducing enemy heroes to fight again, but older stages can be played again or “Blitzed” if a player has a certain VIP level to automatically complete them. By attempting levels players spend their account Stamina, which can be refreshed by spending Diamonds, the premium currency earned by playing or purchased with real cash.

There are dozens of different heroes to unlock and the strategy of the game comes down to being able to switch and change between your available heroes to make a viable battle group so as to overcome the different enemies in each level. Levelling up a hero and then Upgrading them allows them to progress the character into a new division; Green, Blue or Purple to classify the rarity and power of the Hero, which also unlocks more powerful attacks for them. To upgrade a hero the player must collect six specific equipment items for that character and equip them, then use the Upgrade button; players can see which items are needed for the character and by clicking them and using the Source feature are able to see (and instantly attempt) the particular level that drops that item; for higher level items players will need to complete higher level stages.

Levelling up your account unlocks various new features including many ways to further Fortify and upgrade your gear and Heroes, a Tavern in which to recruit new Heroes, and even unlocking PVP where players get to fight against each other. Different events are available at different times throughout the day, but there are also a variety of other features that rewards players with items, XP, Gold and even Diamons such as daily log ins, collecting Stars from completing levels and more. Players can try their luck at the 084 Lottery where they can spin a wheel (or 10 wheels) to try and earn new rewards, spending Gold to spin the wheel; these rewards can be items for Heroes, gold and even new Heroes themselves.

Tiny Mighty is a F2P MMO RPG
Platform Availability: Browser
Developed By: Amzgame

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Tiny Mighty
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