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The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot is a free to play MMO from Ubisoft that puts you in the role of a daring hero looking to earn fame and fortune by conquering the castles of their neighbours and stealing their treasure hoards from within. The fantasy world of Opulencia is all about bragging about how much you have and never been satisfied; you can always have more loot.

The game plays in two modes; firstly players are responsible for being the builders and caretakers of their own castles, the place where their treasure hoards are held. Be careful as your neighbours look on with greedy eyes to break into your vault at the first chance they get and so to ensure this is no easy feat to accomplish players are able to lace their rooms and corridors with all manner of traps and monsters.

As players level up their castle rank they will be able to buy new traps and monsters, along with upgrades and new skills for them to use. Inhabit your castle with fire-breathing dragons, vampires, cyclopes and even chickens. Even creatures and monsters of the same type can be given different attacks and abilities to employ in battle, so upon first sight of an enemy you aren’t always sure quite how they are going to act, which requires forward planning and swift reactions. Surprise unsuspecting intruders with spike traps, fire cannons and more to ensure that your loot that you worked so hard to steal is not taken from you.

It isn’t as simple as simply putting down 100 monsters in a room, an intuitive system gives each room its own pool of points which can be spent on monsters and traps, with each monster and trap having their own value to ensure players can’t simply stack multiple instances of the same boss mobs in a room but giving enough freedom and customization to come up with their own combinations of monsters.

Whilst your Castle is being raided you will no doubt be out trying to return the favour on one of your neighbours castles, going up against similar diabolical traps and fearsome enemies. Make it all the way through and you will be rewarded with a percentage of the castles loot, the more loot that there is to steal the more you can earn and add it to your stash back home. Complete a castle quickly and you will reap more rewards in way of tokens to spend in the game shop.

There are currently four different classes to choose from as your raiding hero; the sword wielding Knight, long ranged Archer, the stealthy Runaway and the powerful Mage. Full hero customisation is available, upgrading skills and gear to make sure that whilst you are crushing skulls you do so in the latest styles.

Compete against other players to climb up the leaderboard to demonstrate either your skill in taking down enemy castles or your superior ingenuity when it comes to defending your own loot horde. Players are also able to watch back videos of attacks on their castles to see where weak points in their defences may have appeared.

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The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot
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