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Developed by Snail Games, The Chosen will immerse players in a vast online world with stunning landscapes, an epic story, endless customization options and animals delightfully powerful to fight alongside them.

The heroes will start a journey into a legendary ancient China, where they will need to battle to restore peace in a world torn apart by war. They will be given the opportunity to side with one of five ruling Dynasties within the Human Kingdom, and travel through vast landscapes and historical landmarks while fighting for the supremacy of their empire.

The customization options are vast, beginning with the choice of six player classes—Sword, Blade, Bow, Flute, Fan, and Scroll—each with unique physical and magic attacks, as well as long- and short-range skills. The Chosen also features numerous quest and battle systems, advanced equipment options, a complex hero skill tree (with over 160 skills to master), a hierarchy to level up, and an award system where players can earn in-game prizes for their achievements, such as elite weaponry, power-ups and gear. On their quest, players can enlist the help of adorable and powerful pets, collect and mount great animals such as elephants and giant turtles to ride into the fight.

Join the fight now and take part in the war between the Light and Dark kingdoms, ascend through the levels of players from regular user, to guild leader, to army leader, and take your place as one of The Chosen, destined to challenge the gods and put an end to the crippling conflict.

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The Chosen
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