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Set in a beautiful world threatened by a rising evil, Aurora World is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG developed by Aurora Interactive for Windows. In this game you have to stop the evil forces and protect the Aurora World. Players can band together with one of the three great nations, learn the culture, master a profession and grow in battle prowess.

The game features a complete and deep clan system which let you create a family with other players within the game and work together to become the best clan. You can quest together and completing tasks to earn the clan income and purchase exclusive items. Being in a clan will benefit all, allowing you to easily socialize with friends and help each other out. You can challenge other clans in combat to decide who's the top dog within the nation. Moreover, the clan leader can purchase clan talents and activate them for all clan members.

In Aurora World you can choose from 4 unique classes: the witch, wielder of the dark arts, the alchemist which is a powerful healer, the mage who controls the elements of nature and the strong-hearted and resilient warrior.

In this game you can find the majinns, unique and mysterious creatures which live in the world and that you can obtain during your adventures. As your character grows, so does your Majinn; acquiring skills that will assist you in battle. If you're lucky enough to obtain one, they will be your guardian throughout your travels. Majinns come in many forms and can be used as battle companions and mounts.

You can show your fighting skills against other players from enemy nations in different PvP modes: nation wars where you have to capture statues to score points for your team, the PK Arena, which you can use to challenge another player to duel and the contested areas available from level 30 which you will be exploring and where players from the other nations will be questing.

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The Aurora World
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