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Tank Ace is a mmorpg free2play published by GamesCampus. It’s a warfare game where players can choose one of the three sides (Communists, German and Allies) and make their character, which is a pilot of war tanks.

In Tank Ace the player will have the possibility to complete PvE and PvP quests. The game structure reminds in some way the World of Tanks one.

In fact players can develop their tank choosing armor, equipments and some types of bullets. A cool feature is that you can actually use your pilot as a classic mmorpg character instead of only using your tank during battles.

PvE missions can be completed with your pilots inside a military camp and you can earn a lot of cool rewards such as money, items and special points. With these points players can buy upgrades and special things for their tanks.

The game will have a special item shop where players can buy a lot of things in it and will be completely free2play, with no monthly fee.

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Tank Ace
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