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Tank Wars Online is a 2D online multiplayer war game specially intended for those who want to play games online without having to invest hours and hours of their time getting good at a game and without having to spend lots of money getting the latest graphic upgrade for their computer.

Its simple but addictive gameplay will have anyone playing in seconds. And for those who want more there's hidden depth in the choice of your tank, special moves and powerups, and team based gametypes that require a higher level of strategy to win.

Choose your tank!

Tank Wars Online is played from a top-down perspective. At the start of each game you get a choice of eight different tanks. You pick one and start to play. The tanks are controlled with the arrow-keys on your keyboard and space is used to fire your tank's cannon. Different tanks have different weapons, as well as other properties like speed, turning and armor.

Goin' for the flag!

Your goal in the game is to shoot down other players while trying to stay alive yourself. For every enemy player you shoot down you get a point. At the end of the game the player with the most points wins and the game starts again on another or the same map. Some team based gametypes have additional goals, which means that besides shooting other players and getting points, in order for your team to win you have to either "Bomb" the other teams base or "Capture" the other teams flag.

Scattered around the map you will find small powerups for your tank to pickup. These are generated randomly and may appear anywhere on the map. The different powerups gives your tanks extra abilities, like more speed, nitro or shield.

The game's old-school but colorful and detailed graphics brings a light mood to the game and goes well with the uncomplicated gameplay. Small neat effects like sparkles that fly, tank tracks, explosions, tank parts that fly off and a fitting range of sound effects brings the game to life.

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TankWars Online
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