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Swordsman is a Action Free to Play MMO RPG developed by Perfect World / Arc Games.

In Swordsman players take on the role of a rising kung fu hero, set in ancient feuding China where powerful clans battle against each other you begin life as the sole survivor of a ransacked village, your friends and family butchered at the hands of unknown attackers. As players progress through the free to play MMORPG they will unlock more secrets revolving around that fateful day and the fuelled with revenge that will guide them to becoming powerful martial arts masters. Inspired by a Chinese novel written by JIN Yong (Louis Cha) in 1967 the game has heavy themes of Jianghu/Wuxia where martial artists accomplish superhuman feats such as running up walls, flying across rooftops and other impressive acts.

The game has strong themes of PvE and PVP and players will be able to engage each other in real-time combat that requires them to master combo building as they unleash powerful attacks. Travel across the world completing quests and missions and even build up to challenging other kung fu Masters in the arena with a variety of skills and strategies you have learned along the way based off your chosen clan.

There are 10 different clans/classes available in the game, each of them has a different philosophy which reflects not only the look and feel of the clan, where they are based, but also the types of skills that you will use in combat. As a classic Shaolin, one of the traditional righteous schools, players are renowned primarily for their defensive abilities and so typically take on the front line when grouped up with other companions, considered to be the masters of melee fence and defence making them well-balanced combatants they are said by many to be the original creators of kung fu. One of the Five Great Schools is the Harmony School who are classically melee assassin’s that would disguise their profession by hiding their swords within musical instruments, they are the masters of illusion and ideal for up close combat utilising their speed as they dash around in a blur striking at their enemy from many different directions. Whilst kung fu classically revolves around melee combat House Tong focus only on ranged skills, with maximum damage output using various traps and projectiles they are somewhat weaker defensively, however there faster attack speed with their firearms can deal damage to numerous targets at once and they have access to more modern (for the period) pistols. Swordsman tries to stay as traditional to the historic lore as possible, even when it comes to who can join the various clans/schools, historically only men were able to join the Shaolin and only females able to join the Five Venoms Cult, and so within the game players are restricted by their choices based on the gender of the character that they make.

In the game players will progress their story arc by completing quests and completing the Paths of a Swordsman, instanced based areas that are extremely challenging but ultimately yield valuable rewards for those that are able to complete them. Throughout the game players will continuously learn new skills as well as acquiring powerful items and gear to equip themselves with either from loot drops, quest rewards or by using the extensive crafting system. Players are also able to deeply customise their characters with a wide variety of different appearance features to make their character will truly unique, combined with the ability to earn unique fashion items to set them apart from other players and bring them to life.

As an MMORPG players are able to roam the land freely, seeking out adventure and acting as a lone warrior, alternatively players can group together to form their own Guild, which comes with its own extensive set of features and gameplay content. Players will be able to level up their position within the Guild by performing deeds and being long-standing members, as well as the Guild’s overall level improving to grant special bonuses to its members. A variety of activities are on locked as the Guild progresses including such story driven features as completing murder mysteries or escorting important convoys, hijacking mercenaries and catching outlaws.

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