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Sword Saga is a F2P Hero Building MMO RPG for borwsers, developed by R2 Games.

Sword Saga is a free to play browser-based MMO RPG where players are responsible for building up their own hero and team of companions and mercenaries, as players progress through the game they will unlock various new features and content as well as being able to revisit older early game content that has been modified. The main premise of the game is to collect items and gear to improve the overall Battle Rating of your chosen hero to go up against challenging AI opponents in story driven quests, single player and multiplayer dungeons and facing off against powerful world bosses or even going up against the most challenging of all opponents: other players.

When starting out players have a choice of three different classes, each with both a male and female character available; the Warrior, the Magician and the Shooter. The Warrior is the classical heavily armoured, huge two-handed sword wielding melee combatant with near impenetrable defences. The Magician roles these classic healer and mage archetypes into one, focusing on ranged abilities they are able to heal their teammates and deal devastating amounts of damage to enemies. The Shooter is the master of long ranged attacks and a classic backline fighter, but can also handle themselves when melee attackers get up close. The different classes have a handful of different abilities, but primarily they will determine the optimum position in the available formation arrays, with defensive fighters on the front line guarding the glass cannon companions on the backline.

Combat is semi-automated with players able to choose between the different skill attacks of their own character, where any Mercenaries and Companions will automatically performed their available actions. Strategy comes in the form of unlocking new Mercenaries to join your regiment and putting them in the best position to make a fully optimised group when in combat. With a wide selection of different Mercenaries available, they each have their own class and skills and players are able to improve these mercenaries and level them up over time to directly effects the group’s overall Battle Rating.

As players level up they will gain Skill Points, a system that allows players to learn and upgrade new skills, progressing through the skill tree and unlocking prerequisite skills and tears before gaining access to more powerful abilities. Players can also gain access to Double Skills, which requires a Double Skill Tome to activate, once done players are able to switch between two skill sets with the click of a button. Players can further upgrade themselves using the Dracoguis system, collecting Starmoon Crystals that they can use to boost their Endurance, attack, crit, block and their physical and magic defences. Astral is will directly allow players to increase their Battle Rating, with four different coloured Astral is available that determine their quality, the higher the quality of the rarer the Astral but the more powerful its effects.

Players can access a detailed Blacksmith crafting system that allows them to acquire gear and enchanting it by spending gold currency that will improve key characteristics of the item. Similarly players can also socket gems into their items to increase their Battle Rating, with various quality gems available, there are also other functions and features available through the Blacksmith system to further improve, recycle and enhance items and gear.

Combat typically follows PvE or PvP focused features, allowing players to tackle Multiplayer and Solo Dungeons to earn rewards that will vary depending on the difficulty of the dungeon itself, even allowing repeated play through is the players only earn 100% of the rewards the first time they can only repeat a dungeon a certain number of times each day. The Crypt is free to challenge but can only be attempted once per day and players must try to destroy a variety of on dead and daemonic type opponents to earn Crypt Coins that they can spend in the Crypt Shop. Players can also try to take on the World Boss, an epic level 80 monstrosity that if defeated will yield great rewards for the player. Players can also fight against each other, once more in Solo or Multiplayer Arena matches where players can combine their characters into single formations and battle for ranking position to earn currency and prestige as well as Gladiators Rewards.

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Sword Saga
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