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Summoner’s Legion F2P TCG MMO browser game. Developed By: R2Games

Summoner’s Legion is a free to play trading card/card collecting game where players must acquire their own army/deck of soldiers and go head-to-head against challenging AI opponents facing off against real-world players in PVP matchups. The game offers a high level of strategy as well as addictive gameplay and is ram packed with features as players earn XP, level up and unlock them. Summoner’s Legion can be played directly through your web browser after an initial account registration and does not require any bulky client download this to enjoy the fast-paced tactical action.

The main gameplay revolves around at least two opposing teams fighting against each other, each team controls their own hero that has their own hit points and players are tasked with reducing the enemy heroes hit points to 0 before the enemy does the same to them. Each round of combat players gain an extra Mana point added to their pool (which also fully replenishes) which they spend to draw new cards from their deck of 30 cards that is made up of a large variety of different units and abilities. Units can be placed onto the battlefield, typically two rows linking the two heroes that are broken up into individual positions that can be occupied by a single unit. Player ends their turn the placed units will automatically attack the units directly in front of them that are within range (generally two squares) and then move up to their full movement if possible (also typically two squares). Units will continue to attack and move until they reach the enemy hero and can directly deal damage.

Each individual unit card has a number of important values, first and foremost the number of Mana points it costs to be able to play the card and put it onto the battlefield, secondly the amount of damage that it deals as well as the damage type (either physical or magical), the number of hit points that the card has determines how much damage it can take in battle before it is destroyed. As well as these standard stats each card can have a number of different traits such as increased armour which mitigates physical damage, improved range so that it can attack beyond the typical to square attack range of other units, improved movement to get across the field quicker and many more abilities that I’ve to a deeper level of strategy in the game. As well as this cards will have a Quality ranging from common, rare, epic, legendary and mythic which gives players an idea of how hard to come by that particular card is and how powerful it may be, similarly each card has one of five Races (Human, Elf, Beastmen, Undead and Dwarf) which will also give players an idea of the types of effects they can expect from that particular unit.

Players have a choice of four different classes in the game to choose their hero from the Warrior, the Ranger, the Mage and the Priest, each of which has their own unique weapon and a variety of ability/skill cards that they can use in battle to benefit their units and hinder the enemy, all of which still use up Mana. The Warrior uses a Long sword which both bolsters their own hit points and when activated gives a friendly unit and improved attack value and their abilities focus on improving the defensive abilities of units. The Ranger uses a Hidden Dagger as their weapon which directly deals damage to an enemy unit and their abilities focus on directly damaging/killing and hindering opponent units. The Mage applies a burn DOT to a single enemy and their abilities focus primarily on doing mass damage to multiple units on the battlefield. The Priest is able to use their Life Staff to increase a units hit points and their abilities focus on similarly buffing and healing their own troops.

As players win battles they will gain in game currency and XP, XP is used to level up and unlock new features within the game such as the Arena to fight other players, Guilds to create your own in game group and Dungeons to tackle more challenging PvE battles. Currency can be used in the in game shop to primarily purchase new booster packs to get additional cards for your deck.

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Summoners Legion
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