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Developed by Firefly Studios Stronghold Kingdoms is a client based strategy game set in the medieval Europe; an age of castles and kings. Free to play the game is a persistent MMORTS that brings together thousands of online opponents to battle it out for power and glory through diplomacy, trade and conquest.

An interactive World Map shows everything that is currently happening in the world; the resources, world features and other villages (other players) that are near their own. Players start with basic buildings in their village and some initial which are needed to construct new buildings, and food that is used to feed the peasants that run your village day to day. Over time your village will expand and new buildings will become available.

As well as a village each player hand designs the layout of their castle, from where all their defensive structures and units are placed to fend off attacks from rival players. At the heart of the castle stands the players keep, the target for all enemies who will attempt to crush the players’ fortifications to reach it. Troops play a large a part in the game, even for the player who doesn’t with to be aggressive they will still need to improve their military technologies to combat players or enemy AI who do desire to conquer them. Offensive troops can be made if you wish to attack a nearby neighbour who is taking up your resources or when enemy AI threatens your village.

Players are able to earn Strategy Cards in the game; modifiers which offer benefits as and when you play them e.g. they can enhance a buildings production rate, the strength of walls, give increase in resources and many more things.

For the player who wishes to take advantage of the premium services player are able to purchase 7 day or 30 day token to gain access to the extra paid for game features. The premium features primarily benefit those who wish to keep their empire growing when they are offline and so offers features such as allowing buildings and research to have 5 slot queues and a number of automated features such as auto attack, auto trade, auto scout and auto recruit.

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Stronghold Kingdoms
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