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Developed by CyberSports, Striker Superstars is an all new browser-based 5 a-side football experience. Utilising the Unity Technologies game engine, Striker Superstars is both PC and Mac compatible. Striker Superstars is free to play and delivers fluid game play through its use of fully motion captured character player animation. Unlike many casual games out there, Striker Superstars is a significant step-up from your usual browser based gaming experience.

You can play alongside strangers or friends in fast paced five a-side football action. If players choose to register they will be able to develop their character further by training their stats, equipping items and unlocking achievements through their performance on pitch. Each time a player unlocks an achievement they receive a token which can then be used to upgrade any of the items in their inventory. Your performance is measured by a number of key statistics which are stored against your player profile. Your player rating is promoted to the masses across the Striker Superstars leader boards which give other users an opportunity to compare their performance against yours.

Striker Superstars delivers a truly social browser based gaming experience and simplifies access for all. The inclusion of new friends & grouping system gives players the ability to organise teams and play with and against their friends. Striker Superstars is the next generation of 'social games', where games become truly social and are not just called that because they are hosted on a social network. There is no big client to download and install. Technical requirements are so minimal that practically anyone with a computer and an internet connection will be able to play and in addition, no registration is required. New players can log in as a guest and experience match play within seconds. Chatting with fellow players and saving the player’s created online profile is only possible with account registration, however.

Striker Superstars takes all the best ingredients from the F2P sector with NO Download, NO Installation and NO Fees.

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Striker Superstars
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