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Set in a wondrous world in which magic and technology vie for supremacy and developed by UserJoy Technology, Starlight Story is a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG with anime-styled graphics. In this game, players wind up embarking on a journey to restore the planet doomed to die by summoning up their friends while taking along their pets and equipping themselves with powerful equipment and armour.

Starlight Story features unique mount and pet systems. The mounts provide stat boosts as well as the expected movement speed increases, and they also stay active during combat, while thepets are integral to combat, fighting by the player’s side from the very beginning of the game. Players can also find an exclusive superstar transformation system which allows players to assume the form of previously slain bosses. These transformations are far more than cosmetic, temporarily giving players significant stat boosts.

Players can choose from 5 different basic classes: Rogue, Squire, Duellist, Magus and Apprentice, which can be specialized in different sub-classes at level 30. Rogue: it's quick and deadly. The art of his combat has been handed down through centuries. Squire: it's protected from the enemies by its heavy armour and strong weapon, the variety of his skills allowing him to be a powerful asset within the battlefield. Duellist: it's a skilled gun man. Wielding a gun in each of his hands, they fire their shots rapidly and always accurately. Magus: it's a magical novice who uses spell power for his defence. He travels around the world to learn new and useful skills. Apprentice: it's able to use technology and magic and combine it to powerful attacks. This class moreover delivers support and heals. Once players reach level 40, you may pick a totally different class and start over without losing your silver, Star Coins, pets, name and all your character’s current perks. And in case you don’t like the new class, you will be able to switch back or pick a different one.

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Starlight Story
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