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Star Supremacy is a mmorpg free2play browser based, settled in the deep space and that can be played directly from your favourite browser.

The game presents a lot of feature of the classic SCI-FI RPG and RTS. The player must command a space ship and create colonies and villages on different planets.

The interface is not so easy but you will take a bit of time before you know all the feature and the things you can do.

There are a lot of feature and the world is really big. There are a lot of planets and galaxies and they can be fully explored.

Players can fight each other, attack their ships or spy the other villagies. There are several classes, and they let the player to be what they want inside the game.

The player can focus mainly on the creation of new colonies or can be a character more action oriented.

The colony and the village can be upgraded, even if you need a lot of money and materials to do that and build bigger buildings.

The main structure of the game can be good for a casual and hardcore public of gamers, even if at the beginning can be pretty hard learn all the features and how to use the interface properly.

You can do a lot of things in Star Supremacy and it's one of the best and completed browser game on the market right now.

There is also an item shop, you can buy a lot of useful items that can be used in-game, even if you can play also completely free.

Both PvP and PvE are very well developed and the RTS part it's pretty well done too.

The game can be played without paying anything and can be played directly from your favourite browser.

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Star Supremacy
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