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Star Conflict is a F2P MMO Space Shooter developed by Gaijin for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Star Conflict is an action packed space based third person shooter where players take control of their own starship, navigating the treacherous Galaxy is filled with all manner of hostile factions and alien invaders in a bid to hire out their services as mercenaries, adventurers or align themselves to the alliances and corporations that control the stars. This free to play MMO offers a wide variety of PVP and PVE content along with character/ship customisation options, crafting and a score of other features all set in a dynamic exceptionally designed universe with breath taking visuals.

Of the three millennia have come and gone since the first of Earth’s colony ships set sail to settle beyond the stars, in that time a portion of the Galaxy known as Sector 1337 was discovered and settled and now is ruled and fought over by three powerful factions: The Empire, The Federation and Jericho. Each faction has its own philosophy and goals, non-are viable whilst the other two factions sharing equal portion of the territory and resources available in the sector and so all-out war has been declared between these three and daily new mercenaries pledge their ships and their lives to these alliances for glory and gain.

When starting out players are able to choose their class of ship, with nine different types to choose from they are categorised as either Interceptors, Fighters or Frigates, with three style of ship a piece. Interceptors are the smaller of the classes, fast and agile they have weak defences including halls and overall shield strength, likewise their overall firepower is considerably lower than most classes, though the Covert Ops style ship does have the highest temporary burst damage DPS. Frigates are the complete opposite, slow and steady these huge floating monoliths have high defences and armour and given their size can comfortably equip more turrets than the smaller Interceptor and also have much longer range weapons. The Fighter sits comfortably in the middle, concentrating more on medium range combat they strike a nice balance between the two of the classes. Between the three factions, each providing their own type of ship, there are hundreds of ships available to acquire, modify and fly.

Each ship can be modified in a variety of ways, most common is the type of guns that are mounted as the main weapon, with 15 different types of gone in the game using four for each class of ship and three limited to specific ship types/roles. Missiles make for a powerful secondary weapon, either unguided homing missiles that can be lots on to a target, which clever players can avoid using flares or dodging through objects. Overall modifiers are available to further improve a ship’s characteristics, broken down into five categories: Capacitor, Engine, Shield, Hull and Computer, and the number of modifier slots available is based on a players faction and their current rank.

There are a variety of features in the game focusing on PVP and PVE, but primarily players will engage in combat against other players. For those players that have joined a Corporation (a player Guild) of they are able to take part in the Sector Conquest where corporations battle it out against each other trying to take over territories in the Sector Conquest map. Divided into 64 locations each location is controlled by a Corporation and the faction that they belong to, directly representing the amount of territory that a faction controls; territories will constantly trade hands during the one-hour Fighting Phase where those players of rank 11 or higher can join the battle.

The other main features are Skirmish, a PVP combat feature where players can fight against each other in team based combat competing in a number of different game modes e.g. Capture the Beacons, Domination, Team Battle and more, each with their own objectives and victory conditions and numerous maps to play on. There are also a variety of locations made for PvE Missions where players will fight against challenging AI opponents, with each mission broken down into numerous phases and are broken down by ship rank as to how difficult the challenge will be, though players can pay up with up to 3 other players in a team for cooperative gameplay.

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Star Conflict
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