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Starport: Galactic Empires is a game of multi-player action,
strategy, and role-playing that lasts for 2 weeks. The team and
player with the highest score at the end are the winners. You can
work alone or with a corporation, which is a team of up to five
players. New weapons, ships, and specialized devices can be bought
at StarBases. Since these things are bought, its a good idea to
amass as many credits (money) as you can. Credits can be gained in
several ways. Trading with Starports across different star systems
is a good start. Credits can be gained in Combat. Another way is to
gather resources from planets and sell them at Starports. Yet another
way to profit is to found Colonies, manage and grow them. The three
Intergalactic Paradise Worlds are the most productive colonies in
the galaxy. Experience determines the player rankings, and assists
in various aspects of the game. Many activities will earn experience
for your character, and some will reduce it. Reputation determines
your character's alignment. Characters also have attributes and
inventories. Spaceships come in a variety of types, and you will
want to choose one that suits your strategy. Making the jump from
one star system to another uses up Warp Fuel.

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