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Sparta: War of Empires is a F2P Browser Strategy MMO, developed by Plarium.

Sparta: War of Empires (SWOE) is a free to play strategy MMO where players must rule over their own city states in feudal ancient Greece as the great Persian Empire led by Xerxes begins its slow assault on to the country, claiming territory and cities and engulfing Hellas in all-out war. Become a champion of the people, expand your territory, conquer weaker city states and consume them into your own province, build up a mighty army to crush your foes and align yourself with other Archons to create a Coalition and push back the Persian forces.

In SWOE players start as the ruler of their own city, given command by King Leonidas and dragged into the ongoing war against the Persians, with this command your independent city must train, fund and maintain its populous and an army that can be led into battle. During this time rival cities will rise up and try to laying claim to your territories and try to lay you to ashes should you not take the battle to them first and dominate them through conquest or bring them to heel through trade and diplomacy.

One of the fundamental basics to the game is acquiring and managing the three primary resources that your city and army are founded on: Bronze, Grain and Timber. All aspects of gameplay revolves around these three resources including using them to sign Agreements that give you access to new technologies, Bronze and Timber to construct city buildings and upgrade them, Bronze to build up and equip your armies and Grain to keep them fed and marching.

Resources can be gained in a number of different ways, most typically from the buildings that the player constructs in their own city i.e. a lumber yard for Timber, a forge for Bronze and a farm for Grain, where the buildings will produce their designated resource over time and transferred to storage. Players can also trade with each other to balance out their surplus and deficit resources or attack other cities to claim a portion of their resources for their own and from time to time players will be given new quests and tasks that they can complete in order to gain rewards. Finally players are also able to take over the Colonies, thousands of islands dotted around the Aegean Sea that are rich in resources and can be fought over by different players trying to control them.

It’s quite possible to play the game solo, however as players grow in strength it is to be expected that they will soon include beyond their own city borders in search of expansion and looking for those city states that may be weaker than their own. Due to this it often pays to seek similar minded players that you can turn to in times of need to help defend your cities or answer a call to defend there is an officially creating a Coalition to create a more organised command structure with its own name, insignia and hierarchy. One of the key late game features that players can enjoy requires them to be part of a Coalition and that is to try and fight over and claim Pantheons, large heavily fortified places that are spread across the map that are fought over by rival Coalitions and powerful enemy AI. A coalition must seize a Pantheons and rebuild it before it can be used, which requires a large amount of coordination and resources and thus making it impossible for a single Archon to perform this task alone, but if successful a coalition gains Orichalcum, a mineral that can upgrade their units to veteran status making them more powerful and efficient.

The game is completely free to play and uses the main three resources as the primary tradable currency, however players can also gain access to Drachmas, a premium currency that players can use to purchase premium features such as boosting the rate of building construction, buying base resources, purchasing decor and fortifications and more. Drachmas can be earned by completing tasks or by simply levelling up what’s playing as well as a number of other key ways or alternatively players are able to purchase them with real money, however they cannot be traded or gifted between players nor can they be claimed by enemies in an attack on like a players other resources.

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Sparta War of Empires
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