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Space Pioneers 2 is Space Free to Play MMO Game developed by Looki.

Space Pioneers 2 is a strategic Empire building free to play MMO that can be played directly in your Internet browser where players either work on their own or with others to create mighty star system spanning empires whilst conducting trade, diplomatic missions and even going to war with rival players. The game is available in a number of different languages and can be accessed quickly through the official website after a simple registration process or players can join up through their Google account or using Facebook connect.

The main aim of the game is to build up the biggest Empire possible by whatever means, acquiring much-needed valuable resources, colonising neighbouring and even distant planets and fighting against other players to wrest control of their planets away from them and usurp them into your own domain. The game is a casual browser-based MMO that players can pick up and play for short periods, start their build queues for constructing buildings, ship units and resources or sending orders for units to perform various actions and then returning to the game once they are complete. Due to the nature of the game some builds and orders can take hours and even days to complete, particularly at the later stages of the game where the time and resource requirement for building, units and research construction is extremely high.

Resources are the foundation stones for any solid Empire with players needing a constant income of resources to continue expanding and running their Empire. Resources come in three different types: Crystals, Metals and the valuable Tritium. Each of these three are typically used for construction or technology research, each item having a set cost depending on the level of the end product, without resources players can do very little and so they must constantly seek out new ways to increase their resource stocks. Players can acquire various resources through trading with other players, conquering neighbouring rivals or colonising planets that have needed resources in abundance and setting up mining facilities to extract them from the planet.

To colonise planet players must research technologies that allow them to seek out new planets e.g. Astronomy, then produce both a colonisation ship to turn the planet into a liveable atmosphere as well as a corner ship used to settle the planet with your populous. From here players must establish a new base of operations for that particular planet, constructing various buildings such as mines and production facilities to enable them to build larger armies as their territory grows. There are a selection of different war ships available such as the speedy Destroyer, which whilst fast lacks shields and a strong hull, Battleships which has a wide selection of weapons on board with a nice balance of offensive and defensive capabilities and Imperial Cruisers, the most powerful ship in the game but is extremely slow to move and requires a player to plan way ahead if they wish to send these ships on distant journeys due to the time it would take to get them back should they be needed for defences.

Space Pioneers 2 is a very community driven MMO with players able to work together and create larger Alliances where they share tasks and players look after each other should their territories be attacked by other players or even other alliances and thus creating larger scale conflicts. Other than the added protection gained from working with other players in an Alliance there are other trade benefits that can be gained from such a relationship. As the game is largely conflict based and the ultimate goal is to create the largest Empire possible players can work up the rank ladder and try to top the leaderboard and be the best in the Galaxy. Players also have access to the Hall of Fame which shows the top 100 battles that have occurred, calculated by the total amount of resources that were destroyed during the fight (both the defenders and attackers losses combined). Players also have access to full chat channels where they can communicate either globally with other players, privately in whispers/tells or amongst their fellow Alliance members.

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Space Pioneers 2
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