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Soldier Front 2 is a MMOFPS developed by Dragonfly GF Co Ltd for Windows that takes place in an alternate future timeline in which the nations of the world have been pulled into a new cold war and an alien species named Xanthids have arrived to the Earth. The game delivers stunning graphics, tightly balanced team warfare and a huge variety in gameplay and customization options.

Soldier Front 2 has multiple game modes that allow players to team up against one another and ensures that the team-based action is always fresh and exciting. These game modes include the typical death match and capture point modes as well as a unique MOBA-style map and a co-op battle that pits players against waves of attacking aliens. In addition, the game includes lots of different maps and game scenarios which allow players to play hundreds of different matches.

As players win matches they can unlock multiple upgrades to change the look of their weapons and outfits to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack. The game has a vast array of guns that allows players of all kinds to find its perfect weapon. Whether you are a close range shooter or a precision sniper you will find your fit in Soldier Front 2.

Compete against the sharpest shooters in a huge player community. Rank up as you win matches to elevate your status, and earn in-game achievements for particularly awesome feats!

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Soldier Front 2
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