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Smite is a Free to Play MOBA game, developed by Hi-Rez Studios for windows.

Smite is a fast paced multiplayer online battle arena were players are able to select a wide variety of different deities and use their special abilities to defeat their enemies in exciting 5v5 team battles. The game gives a new spin on the classic MOBA genre, where instead of playing in an isometric top-down view point the game offers third person perspective combat, requiring a different set of skills, tactics and strategy to be successful. The controls are also different from players will use classic WASD keys for movement (as opposed to mouse click movement as is typical in MOBA games) and using the mouse to control your attacks.

Like any other MOBA Smite focuses on lane based gameplay where two teams fight against each other trying to dominate the battlefield, push back minions, destroy guard towers that will help them progress and pushed into the enemy base. One of the key differences with Smites map is the introduction of the Phoenix towers and the Titans. The Phoenix are super charged defences that act like towers and can be found at each end of the lane protecting a team’s base, once destroyed the minions in that Lane grow in strength but unlike other towers the Phoenix will respawn after a certain amount of time and must be destroyed again. Once in the base players will have to fight the enemies’ Titan, a huge powerful boss NPC that once defeated spells victory for the attackers.

Combat requires skill, precision and timing were players are responsible for aiming every range attack, being in the correct position for a melee strike choosing the optimal time to lay down and AOE attack using the targeting reticule. By timing attacks players are able to snare, storm and deny kills and set up ambushes using the terrain features to catch enemies off guard whilst moving between lanes. During the game players can level their God up from level 1 to level 20 and will be able to increase the power of their skills as the game progresses. Players can also purchase items from the shop during the game that can improve their attacks and abilities or even by consumables to increase health, defences and speed adding further strategy elements to the game.

Players can choose from a wide selection of gods and goddesses from various pantheons and mythologies, assuming the role of a God and using the deities’ unique active and passive powers to encase enemies in ice, drown them in fire and smite them with thunder and lightning. Each God has an extensive history and range from well-known popularised gods such as Thor, Annubis and Zeus to lesser known deities like the Mayan jaguar God Xbalanque or the Chinese Saint of War and guardian of justice Guan Yu.

Players will have to master their abilities and fill key roles within the team acting as a tank, damage dealer, support or crowd control to help lead the group to victory. During battle combatants can explore the map and hunt out camps in the jungle areas and fight a variety of mythological creatures to gain boosts, bonuses, XP and gold to help them in the battle.

There are five different types of games that players can choose from, offering a different game style and requiring different strategies to achieve victory. Arena is a normal open area that lacks any lanes or towers and is an exciting open 5v5 battle. Conquest mode allows a 5v5 three lane classic MOBA game on a large map whereas Joust makes for a smaller 3v3 single lane battle with side jungles. In Assault players have to select their gods from a random list and have an epic 5v5 single lane push into the opposition base. Finally players can engage in the survival mode Vulcan’s Insane where they must work together to fight back waves of forges creatures. Through successful completion of the different game modes players will earn rewards and XP that can unlock new gods and features as well as being able to purchase new skins from the in game store.

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