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Skyforge is a F2P MMO RPG mmo genere, for windows, developed by Allods Team, Obsidian Entertainment and published for

The world of Aelion is constantly under threat from enemies that would pray on its innocent civilians, the mortals of the world are simply try to live out their simple lives. From atop the Divine Observatory both Gods and Immortals watch over the people of the world, answering their prayers and cries for help when needed and providing their divine assistance.

Skyforge is a fantasy meets sci-fi MMORPG where players play the part of one such Immortal on their rise to becoming an Elder God’s themselves, with their divine power players will aid the people of Aelion in both PVP and PVE activities taking on solo or group content. The game is free to play and offers a number of unique systems, visually beautiful graphics, a compelling overarching story line and a twist on the MMORPG genre.

Players are able to customise their character with great detail using a number of appearance tabs and sliders to create a character that will represent them in the game. Unlike many other MMORPGs players are not locked into a single class and are able to switch between the available classes with the push of a button, changing their skills and abilities to suit their situation or group dynamic. With currently five classes available (Cryomancer, Light Bringer, Paladin, Gunner and Berserker) players will have a varied choice of ranged and melee classes able to churn out damage or offer support in a group.

One of the key features of the game is the acquisition of different gems to spend in the Ascension Atlas, a huge web of skills and talents for each class that players can spend their gems to unlock nodes that allow players to customise their characters stats with far greater choice and unlock new abilities. Different nodes require a different type of gem, energy nodes and skill nodes require Rubies of Strength, defensive nodes require Emeralds of Life and secondary stats and new talents are unlocked by Sapphires of Knowledge. These lower-level of the Ascension Atlas offers little in the way of diversity, but when players unlock the Ultimate Ability Node they will gain access to the upper level of the Atlas for that class and here they can begin to branch out and make their class more unique to their play style.

As well as unlocking nodes players can acquire gear that will help them in combat, with numerous gear slots players are able to acquire, craft and upgrade their items, using a disassemble action and players can convert any gear that is not needed into useful resources to upgrade the ranks of their equipment slots.

Combat is extremely action-based, playing more like a console game, players will be able to dash in and out of battle using directional keys to quickly outmanoeuvre enemy attacks or swiftly moving to strike their opponent when their guard is down. One of the key features of combat is that players can build up combos using different skills that can unleash powerful effects to devastate their enemies, when enemies drop to low hit points then with the push of a button players can trigger an ultimate finish to instantly kill their target.

The game is heavily focused on PVE content with numerous open world and instanced based missions that players can tackle solo or with groups, including the larger raid content, with the added bonus that players can pick up their rewards for completing quests whilst still in the field instead of having to always return back to the quests giving NPC. The game offers an easy to navigate UI and a number of systems in place that cut down on the grind and time wasting, such as reducing the need to always go back and forth to quest NPCs whilst progressing through a combat zone and instead quests simply updating themselves as you go.

Aside from PVP players can also engage in a wide variety of PVP game modes with currently five released modes including Capture the Flag, Control Points, Payload, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, allowing for a range of solo and team focused battles where players can fight each other for glory and rewards. Alternatively there is the much larger Pantheon Wars mass combat where Guilds can battle it out with each other

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