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MMO Genre: F2P Sandbox MMO
Platform Availability: Windows
Developed By: Radiant Worlds

In SkySaga players can explore, build and fight their way across a variety of unique realms, dynamically generated worlds known as the Infinite Isles that are accessed through powerful portals allowing players to seek out adventure and rewards in a free to play MMO. The game is an evolution of similar games -such as Minecraft- but boasts far superior graphics, and is a more social community driven MMO where players can group up with ease and stay connected through the main social/quest hubs and three different factions.

In the game players are able to craft a variety of tools and weapons to aid them in their adventuring, creating from resources around the world that are either dropped from enemies, looted from found treasure chests, or carved from the land itself. Using specialized mining tools players can destroy the terrain around them; digging tunnels deep into the ground, smashing through walls, knocking down trees, and collecting these resources as they go. Similarly players can place blocks with ease to build bridges, walls, even more developed structures.

When starting out players can create and customize the appearance of their character from 4 different clan humanoid characters; dragons, monkeys, lions or humans, and then choose which type of terrain they wish to have as their personal home island: desert, arctic or forest. The home island allows players to fully customize their own personal space, creating functional work benches, furniture, storage, and even reshaping and redesigning the entire land as they destroy and place blocks. Most importantly players have access to their own portal.

The portals allow players to jump into unique instanced worlds accessible only by the player or those they are in a group with, the portals lead to different terrains locations the same as your home island options; desert, arctic or forest, the terrain is determined by the type of keystone you create with specific resources. Going through the portal leads to a mini-dungeon type area where players must battle their way through various enemies and creatures, acquiring coin and loot on the way, and culminating in a fight with a large boss enemy guarding a final huge treasure chest and a portal back home.

In combat players have a health bar and stamina bar (which switches to a breath bar when they are under water), the stamina bar allows the player to make attacks and run, and will recharge over time. The health bar can be recharged by eating equipped food, sitting at a campfire, or passively over time when out of combat; if a players’ health bar drops to zero then they will die and drop all items they were holding, thankfully players respawn at the beginning of the same zone (or at a campfire if they have built one) and can recover their items if they can reach them.

The game has a strong open sandbox element where players can practically do what they want, however, there is lots of quest focused content to help guide players direction; these quests come from the primary quest givers of the three main factions: The Settlers Guild, The Explorers Guild and the Gladiators guild.

The Settlers Guild primarily focus on providing quests that require you to gather specific resources and build certain items, usually on your home island like establishing your first workshop, creating monuments, castles and more and typically reward players with new schematics to further their builds. The Explorers Guild are all about sending players out into the world to seek out new dungeons and threats, rewarding them for jumping through portals and finding landmarks in new areas, killing particular creatures and completing adventuring zones and getting rewarded with gear to make them stronger on their next challenge. The Gladiator Guild is a PVP focused group that encourages players to join the instanced based PVP challenges where they can take on other players in team based deathmatches or capture the flag game modes, rewarding players with PVP gear to make them more powerful in their next fight. As well as rewards from completing quests players gain faction points to level up their standing with each Guild independently, as well as unlocking a unique currency that can be spent at each guilds unique NPC to buy special items, PVP gear, schematics and more.

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