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Skyrama is a Free to Play Airport Management Browser MMO, developed by BigPoint.

Skyrama is a free to play airport management game where players have full control over their own international airport, responsible for constructing a variety of buildings to improve their airport facility as well as scheduling various flight arrivals and departures. This colourful and quirky MMO offers up instant appeal to fans of this type of game, extremely easy to access through the official website using a quick account sign up or your own personal Facebook login. Skyrama can be played through your favourite web browser and does not require any client download to play.

The casual nature of the game allows players to go at their own pace, playing every so often when they have a few spare minutes, having the game open in a separate browser window whilst performing other tasks due to the low intensity and involvement required or having extended sessions focusing on maximising your airport’s potential. When starting the game players will have a handful of planes, airport landing runways, servicing days and accessible passengers so there involvement is gentler initially, but further into the game is when players have multiple runways and a variety of different flights coming and going from the airport those who wish to reap the rewards will find themselves this caught up constantly managing their airport and flights.

When starting the game players are able to choose where their airport is based using the global map, broken down into continents players can then access any country in the world as their starting location; giving an idea of the larger scope of the game. Each country has access to 3 different souvenirs, items that players can collect if they land any planes being sent from that country, something that is made easier if you make friends/a Buddy with someone from that country. Each souvenir falls into a different category and once players have collected all the different souvenirs from a category they will gain extra bonuses. Players also get extra rewards for visiting all the different countries in a single continent as well as all the different countries in the world!

To progress in the game players will need to have an income of both AirCoins and Passengers. AirCoins are earned by completing flights and completing the various quests and objectives that players are given during the game, which will also reward them with XP to level up. AirCoins are used to purchase the various buildings that make up the airport such as runways so that players can handle the arrival of multiple planes, service bays so that they can maintain, refuel and load up planes before sending them back out and Passenger Terminals that will give players an influx of passengers. When a passenger terminal is full the player can click the Passenger icon to gain more passengers into their pool, Passengers are needed to send out flights and without them your airport will become fairly inactive.

As well as Passengers players will of course need their own planes, once more purchased with AirCoins there are a wide variety of different planes that players can purchase all of which have various stats such as how fast they fly, how much cargo they can hold and a variety of other benefits and that players must weigh up before choosing which plane to purchase. With multiple planes players are then able to manage their Flights, selecting a plane they wish to send out and the country they wish to send it to.

Managing Arrivals and Departure flights is one of the key areas that will determine how quickly players progress in the game, with multiple planes and buddies players can have multiple flights that they must manage at any one time providing they have the runways and service bays to handle them. With an efficient airport players will attract more Buddies that can rely on you to land, service and depart their own planes on time, which in turn will yield more bonuses and benefits to a player.

The game is completely free to play and players can purchase AirCash as a premium currency that can be used to purchase special buildings and items as well as instantly service any planes that have landed without having to wait; alternatively players can earn AirCash through gameplay and levelling up.

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