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Siegelord is a F2P Strategy MMO brwoser game. Developed By: 37games

Siegelord is an exciting mediaeval strategy MMO where players can fight as a Lord in the army of one of three mighty factions that are locked in an ongoing war for resources, territory and dominion over the land of Thieden. In this free to play game players must rebuild their own city, train up and equip a mighty army and then embark on a crusade to destroy their enemies. Siegelord can be played directly through your web browser after an account registration and does not require a client download.

When first starting out players will be given the option of choosing which of the three world factions they wish to declare their fealty to and fight for, whether the Kingdom of Albion, the Nord's Alliance or the Empire of Gorm. Each Faction has its own starting regions, history and faction perk to entice players to join it, the Kingdom of Albion offers players a higher quantity of items available in the Market, the Nords Alliance benefits players by giving them shorter cooldowns for trading in the Black Market and allows them to receive more resources, whereas the Empire of Gorm gets a shorter cooldown when refreshing the shop. During the faction selection players are given a recommendation, to help balance the game from becoming too heavy on one faction, and if chosen the player will gain 50 diamonds as a reward (the games premium currency).

To lead an army into battle players will require the abilities of skilled Generals, they can initially be unlocked by purchasing them in the Tavern using gold once they have been defeated in the PvE campaign. Different generals have abilities and traits that make them more proficient at certain types of attack such as being a Defensive commander or focusing on Siege tactics, which will primarily determine the types of units they take into battle.

Generals will require gear to give them the edge in battle, with six available equipment slots they can arm themselves with Weapons, Armour, Mounts, Gauntlets, Boots and Rings, with five different qualities/rarities available for each item from white, blue, yellow, red and purple being the most powerful item type. Players can purchase equipment from the shop, the more the shop is refreshed the higher the chance of acquiring higher level items where any yellow equipment or above will have additional skills attached to it to benefit a General.

The battle system in the game works off a rock paper scissors type mechanic where when the enemy chooses a particular tactic for their attack and players must use the appropriate counter attack formation to defeat them, however the next wave of enemies may then counter your current formation and so on. The order in which troops attack is based off the position of the fighting Generals prior to the battle starting. The battle is fought with rows of units, the front units of each army will head to the centre of the battlefield and attack each other, the victorious units will remain at the centre as the next wave attack them; this continues until one side has defeated all the enemy troops.

The initial content in the game focuses on a quest driven PvE campaign where players must fight their way through Allied territory to reclaim settlements and cities that have been taken over by the enemy factions. Players will earn XP and gold as they successfully defeat their enemies. XP will help a player level up to gain access to new features and stronger generals and equipment whereas the acquired gold can be used to rebuild the players own city. Cities are made up from 14 building slots per area such as the farm, dwellings, sawmill and more, by adding new buildings players will be able to gain extra resources, weapons and units for their army.

The endgame focuses on PVP where players can attack each other's cities and ultimately help their Empire spread by taking over key territories, friends can fight alongside each other as they battle their common enemy to try and seize control over the entire continent. If players are successful enough in PVP they can even gain the title of King of their chosen faction.

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