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Shards of War is a fantastic F2P MOBA game for Windows, developed by BigPoint.

This free to play MOBA is set in a futuristic dystopian Earth where scientists have managed to open portals between parallel universes and with this discovery has unleashed war as factions pour through the gates trying to conquer what lies beyond them. Whilst some of these Sentinels fight to close the gate others battle to ensure they remain open and their conquest can continue unhindered. With a variety of different Sentinel heroes to choose from, various maps and modes and new crafting and loadout features the game offers a new spin on a popular genre.

The game itself is modelled around the classic MOBAs and comes complete with traditional five versus five PVP combat on classic three lane/path maps, divided with jungle and lined with Sentry type towers. The most obvious difference with the game in comparison to its peers is the setting is a futuristic dystopia, using high-tech weaponry in an urban environment, creating a fresh face for a genre dominated with dwarves, magic and other fantasy elements. Aside from this one of the primary features is the WASD control system for players to move around their Sentinel character, allowing them to use their mouse to fire directionally offering up more run and gun type attacks and more control.

The main objective in the game is similar to other MOBA games with two teams competing to destroy their enemy headquarters by pushing up the defended path using both their team and the AI controlled waves of drones. Additionally there is the option of trying to seize neutral drones located in the centre of the map which can offer up a secondary objective in the game and help turn the tide of battle. Players gain experience by destroying these drones, taking down the enemy defensive towers as well as killing other player Sentinels, the benefits gained are team based rewards offering up Team Levels to promote the philosophy that there is no individual in a team and everybody contributes. As players level up their account they will gain access to other features and new more powerful items to give them more of an edge in the game.

The Sentinels come in three different categories to determine their primary focus on the battlefield and what they specialise in: Tank, Attack and Support. With 10 unique characters available at launch that players can choose between each will have their own specific abilities and skills that make them ideal for a particular role on the battlefield such as pushing into the enemy waves, holding back and defending the base for helping to support your allied team members. Such characters as Flatline who excels in healing and helping to push lanes he can heal up his companions with his Healing Beam skill or use his Stem to speed up allies or slow down enemies. Alternatively players may try out the dangerous prim and proper Valkyrie, with both beauty and brains he is able to scout out enemies from a distance and bombard them with powerful aerial strikes using her combat helicopter. Each Sentinel has a number of different skins that players can unlock, completely changing the appearance of them when in battle.

The game features a basic yet helpful crafting system where after each match as well as the experience players gain for purchasing items they also acquire a war chest that contains a variety of materials used to craft items that can be take into battle as part of a players’ loadout. A Loadout is a backpack of gizmos, gadgets and goodies that will help a player during the fight, able to choose from three different items per level focusing on a variety of functions such as offensive, defensive or utility options.

Of the game is free to play there will be a cash shop available for those players who prefer to spend real-world money to get access to items and features more quickly, though offering no items that can be accessed through the game so as to not create a cash buying imbalance. Premium Accounts are available that give players XP boosts as well as other bonuses and features such as collecting Skin Vouchers that they can trade in to gain access to the new Sentinel skins.

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Shards of War
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