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Sevencore is a fusion of the fantasy and sci-fi genre, this free to play client based MMORPG developed by Noria for Windows is the perfect blend of magic and machine set in the foreign land of Inadar. A war that has spanned centuries between two feuding civilizations, the Goldian and the Amaad, has over time consumed the continent and even those who would seek peace have been brought into the conflict. An alliance between the seafaring warriors of the Einher, the mystical, nature loving Nuuk and the technologically and scientifically advanced Sion has now formed and taken the side of the Goldian. Together this brutal alliance has rallied against the Amaad and day by day their numbers grow steadily smaller.

Containing all the trimmings expected of today’s MMORPGs Sevencore has classic level based progression and features guild systems, crafting and resource gathering, Battleground arenas for instanced PvP and also optional World PvP for those who like to live and play constantly watching their backs!

One of the main features that Sevencore boasts is the in-depth mount companions, expanding from your traditional mounts as simply being transport, in game your mount can fight alongside you in battle or you atop its back in mounted combat. With a developed levelling system for your mount, of which both Beast Mounts and Mechanical Mounts are available, you will develop and train your mount making it stronger and teaching it new abilities.

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