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MMO Genre: F2P Action Strategy RPG
Platform Availability: Browser
Developed By: R2Games

Seas of Gold is a free to play browser based pirate RPG with strategic combat elements where players are able to build up their initial pirate ship and recruit new captains, ships and all, where you are able to equip them with powerful equipment as you progress through the game. Players will be tasked with completing quests for NPCs which will grant them XP, gold, items and also progress the story through a linear story that players can play to the end. Whilst the game is free players can spend real cash to buy Diamonds premium currency that are used to purchase items, boosts and VIP status that give them a variety of perks depending on the level of their VIP.

Players can choose from four different characters and name them when they embark into the game for the first time, movement around the world is done by sailing your ship around the ocean, visiting various islands and interesting points. The sea is plagued with hundreds of pirates sailing around and lots of different epic sea monsters to fight, which players are generally tasked with killing. Questing is fairly simple and players can move to their needed NPC by clicking the hyperlink for the quest in the Quest Tracker; then they will automatically move to the needed your location, if the area is in a different map then you can use wind scrolls to quickly teleport to them.

Through your Captain window you are able to modify your own ships with various equipment pieces, cannons, decks, figureheads, rudders, armor and magazines, that combined will increase the ships various stats such as movement squares, attack range, damage, dodge and more. Players can spend gold to buy various ship components that will improve them, or equip items earned from quests. Skills can be unlocked by acquiring and using different types of Skill Books, these powerful items will grant the player with incredible abilities to help them in combat such as Poseidon Trident that deals 100% damage to an enemy unit plus 400 bonus damage, or Improved Resilience that lowers the chance of being hit by a crit. All their upgrades will increase their overall Power rating, which is a public indicator to other players of just how powerful the player is.

Combat is considerably more strategic than many other MMOs of this type, when entering a battle players find themselves in an instanced environment broken up into a grid, with players and enemies starting on opposing sides. Each side will take it in turns to move around the map to make attacks on each other; the number of squares you can move, the range of your attacks, and the number of them are all determined by your ship and equipment. Players don’t have to fight alone in battle and throughout the game they will recruit new Captains from the Tavern, able to summon them into a fight and together with the players main character can fight against the enemy with the NPC Captain controlling itself. Battles can grow more difficult with the introduction of multiple enemies and even terrain on the map to block movement so players must be more tactical.

As well as fighting in quests players can also compete against each other in PVP when they unlock the Arena at around level 14 – 15, here they fight against a player’s team that is fully controlled by the computer to simulate the battle. Players can challenge other players and try to take their rank, daily rankings and weekly rankings are rewarded with prizes and chests.

With numerous items and goods to collect as loot, players will also find themselves picking up different materials that can be used in the Shipyard to help construct new ships that can be equipped to your own Captain or your hired NPC Captains; whilst in battle they control themselves and it is up to each player to kit out their Captains for battle. Players can see which materials they need, if they find they are short on a particular resource then by clicking the button they can open the instanced area where the item drops so that they can collect it.

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Seas of Gold
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