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In the year of 2005, Scions of Fate has been recognized by Korean Government to be the best MMORPG of that particular year by awarding with the annual.

President Award in the MMORPG category. In the same year, it has been awarded
with seven game awards in China, and since then, it has become the best and most widely played MMORPG across Asia.

This game currently has servers active in Korea, Japan,China, Taiwan and Thailand and has been receiving rave reviews from the MMORPG community. Since the opening up until now, it has logged more than 35 million users and even now has more than 600,000 concurrent online users.

It is the game that incorporates adorable animation with stunning combat visuals to create a game that is both fun and easy to play. While there are
surprisingly complex skills, it incorporates a simple control system that allows even the most inexperienced players to get the most out of
the game.

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Scions of Fate
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