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Developed by InterServ for Windows, Scarlet Legacy is a free to play MMORPG with compelling animations and rich stylized graphics. It immerses players into a fantasy world where their quest is to save Princess Scarlet in a seamless and striking blend of eastern style mythos. Players can choose between different classes: Warrior (Melee, high defense & health, Heavy Armor), Assassin (Melee, High damage & speed, Light Armor, Elemental Attacks), Monk (Melee or Healer Type, High Health, Medium Armor) and Mystic (Ranged Type, High Energy, Light Armor).

The game features a simple and quick fighting system and an innovative technology allows players to spend more time questing and less time running aimlessly. The Auto-Pilot fighting system allows players to have complete MMORPG-style control with a non-targeting combat system that allows for control-driven and action-oriented game play.

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Scarlet Legacy
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