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Scarlet Blade is a free MMORPG set in a sci-fi fantasy world and developed by LivePlex for Windows. The game offers players the chance to control a powerful and sexy Arkana while unveiling a unique, compelling story against the backdrop of a vibrant fantasy world tinged with sci-fi elements. You will have the chance to follow this intriguing storyline, explore a gorgeous world, plunge in the huge PvP system with large scale battles against other players, transform yourself in a powerful mech and enjoy the fast-paced, action packed combat system of this epic story-driven MMORPG.

There are six unique class that a player can choose from when creating his unique female Arkana: Defender (a resistant melee tank which wield a giant greatsword), Medic (the healer, can support and help allies while unleashing poisons and disease among her enemies), Punisher (a ranged sniper-like class), Sentinel (dual-pistols agile ranged DPS), Shadow Walker (a claws wielding assassin-like stealthy killer), Whipper (AOE melee fighter and crowd control expert). And for the most heated battles that requires something more, each class can count on a unique massive mech which will grant it short burst of unmatched power with new skills and improved strength.

If you are more into PvP don't worry, Scarlet blade is rich of features which will keep entertained even the most competitive player. Huge large-scale battlegrounds awaits you with 50v50 and 80v80 battles which capture the feeling of epic armies clashing on an unbelievable scale and where organized teams can fight each other. The bloodshed spills over into the open world with a massive zone dedicated to an unending, objective-based PvP war. Opposing factions vie for control of this zone, which is in a constant state of flux. Players can affect the tide of battle by accomplishing key objectives and, of course, slaughtering the opposition.

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Scarlet Blade
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