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S.K.I.L.L. Special Force 2 is a free-to-play modern MOFPS developed by Dragonfly GF Co., Ltd that offers good graphics, balanced team warfare and a huge variety in gameplay and customization options with numerous weapons and equipment, varied maps and a grand selection of varying game modes.

In Special Force 2 players can choose between six elite military forces: SAS, the Special Air Service of the British Army, Delta, a special mission unit of the US Army, Spetsnaz, the special forces in Russia, GAFE, a Mexican special force, GIGN, a special operations unit of the French Armed Forces, and the UDT, elite forces of the Korean Naval Special Warfare. In the game you can customize your character through purchase of additional parts or items and features a large set of real-world weapons.

In the game players can challenge each other in classic PvP Death Match and Team Death Mach game modes, or fight in various objective-based PvP and PvE modes with an alien twist. The vicious aliens, known as Xanthids, appear in various game modes, and they form the backbone of the opposing armies.

Special Force 2 features more than 32 balanced maps, tailored specifically to the different game modes. While some of these maps are shared between some modes, every mode comes with a selection of maps that can only be chosen for that mode alone. This allows for map layouts, spawn points, and attack routes that maximize the strategic possibilities for every individual mode.

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SKILL Special Force 2
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