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SD Gundam is a Free to Play Browser MMORPG developed by JoyFun

SD Gundam is based around the extremely popular Manga anime Gundam SEED, which itself spawned a similarly spinoff called SD Gundam, named in due to the Super Deformed “SD” anime drawing style. The series’ revolve around space opera anime featuring gigantic robots known as “Mobile Suits” (MS or Mecha) and their pilots, the protagonist Mobile Suits typically take on the name of Gundam. The SD Gundam MMO is a SNS web browser game with turn-based RPG combat and questing, as well as a number of other MMO style features such as “dungeon” instances, Arena PVP combat, “character” customisation, base building, Guilds and more.

Set in a distance future known as the Cosmic Era the Galaxy has now acquired to subsets of the human species “Naturals” and “Coordinators”. The Naturals are those that are native to fight Earth and for want of a better word considered “normal” humans in comparison to the genetically engineered Coordinators that primarily live on the various space colonies that have been settled around the Galaxy. The Allied forces of the Coordinators have formed their own group called PLANT and with it an official military named ZAFT. ZAFT have made it their task to try and steal the Gundam from Earth, launching many attack raids on the planet in their efforts to gain control of the planet. Ultimately this has led to a returned act of superior aggression from the Earth Alliances, but responded by launching an all-out nuclear strike on Junius Seven, a PLANT agricultural satellite, that eliminated it completely. This one events was marked as being “Bloody Valentine Day”, occurring on February 14 Cosmic Era 70, and was the beginning of all-out war between the two major factions.

The game primarily focuses on players building up their Battle Power and creating a strong formation, made up of three different Gundam and their associated Pilots. The formation is made up of three positions; front, center and rear, and primarily determines which Gundam will take the damage dealt by the opposition in combat (the MS on the front line taking damage first). This forces players to think not only strategically about where they are going to place their Gundam, but on which Gundam they want to focus on improving first.

Both Gundam and their Pilots come in five “quality” types, graded C, B, A, S and SS and colour coordinated White, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange respectively as can be found in most MMO’s item rarity classifications. The higher a Gundam or Pilots’ quality the higher their Battle Power, however, when a Pilot and Gundam are paired up they have one single Battle Power so it is important to ensure you improve the quality of both. Pilots can be recruited at the Officer School and trained in the Officer Admin Center, whereas the Gundam must enter the futuristic Evolution Chamber to increase their abilities, but they can also be modified certain plugins to increase things such as speed and attack power.

Another key component of the game is Vitality, typically seen as “stamina” or “energy” in other MMO’s, and with key actions that players making the game such as attempting a particularly challenging instance they will lose an amount of vitality. Once their vitality is depleted they are unable to continue performing such actions and must either rest and wait for it to naturally recover (1 point of Vitality per 5 mins) or use real-world cash to purchase a refresh and instantly fill up their vitality. Instances in particular come into forms: Normal and Hero, where players can journey into Normal instances as often as their Vitality allows, but they are restricted to using Hero instances only once a day. These Hero instances are considerably more difficult to complete, offering a much greater challenge and require a much higher Battle Power, but successful completion yields far greater rewards.

Players also have the option of partaking in the Arena, a PVP focused feature that allows players to compete against each other for rank and reward. Players are required to register once a week to ensure they are signed up for ranking, each battle a player fights in the arena directly effects their PvP Military Rank, which in turn will give them greater rewards and bonuses as well as showing how good (or bad) they are in PVP.

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