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Runica is a game free MMORPG where your character will face other using "runes". It is a game system where the shift is the basic strategy to defeat your opponents. We face challenges in which each individual player will use his "Avatar" and its runes for defeating the opponent.

Your character, as they are in front and win other players will gain experience with it will improve their own abilities and their runes with the addition of gold to buy new runes.

Plus you'll choose a profession more to customize your player and to acquire special runes that you can improve. All so you can define your own strategy.

Take part in tournaments, you can join a clan, climb, decide on their operation or form to reach your own. You runes to buy, sell or trade with other players. In addition to the experience level and that anger with Conte getting a reputation that you have to maintain.

You can switch between different regions in search of new opponents, tournaments, clans or runes exclusive and inaccessible to those that make you invincible.

Discoveries and can complete the "Quest" that will emerge.

All this and much more is runica. Both the unloading of the game as the installation and a high character is absolutely free!

All you need is an Internet connection to start playing and discover anything that gives you Runica.

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