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Runescape is a Free to Play MMO RPG, Developed By: Jagex Ltd

RuneScape is a fantastic free to play browser-based MMO RPG epic that transports players into a world of magic and fantasy where with friends they will journey across an enormous realm in search of adventure. With all the classic trimmings of an MMORPG including multiple races, crafting, questing, PVP, skill customisation and raids RuneScape is a feature packed MMO that has a legacy of a long-standing community with over a decade of content and dozens of expansions since its initial launch.

Starting early in the game players will begin their lives in the world of Gielenor, a mediaeval fantasy themed world of monsters and magic and a completely sandbox environment where players are free to roam this world and set their own goals. The game is packed with content and quests for players to explore of they can simply have the freedom to interact with other players, hunting down other creatures seek out undiscovered lands. The world itself is inhabited by dozens of different races, some of which have become extinct as the ages have passed, but of those playable races that remain are some classic choices as well as some that are slightly unique to the game. Upon creating a character players can choose to play as the well spread Humans, the diverse people spread across the entire face of the world from the oldest kingdom of Misthalin to the deserts of Kharidian. The classic Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes are available and the not so typical Vampyres, Werewolves, Trolls and Goblins are all available to play. Choose from Fairies, Ogres, volcanic TzHaar elementals, twisted Demons, the combat focused Mahjarrat and even Monkeys!

One of the primary features of the game that focuses on customisation is the Skills that players can pick up, with currently 26 skills available (including one that is only accessible to members, and nine that can only be used for the initial five levels for free to play accounts) these skills fall into four main groups: Combat, Gathering, Artisan, Support and cover a wide variety of different actions that players may wish to perform. Such passive skills as Agility allow players to regenerate their energy much more quickly, whereas Constitution directly affects the number of Life points a player has. Players can pick up a direct Crafting skill to allow them to make a number of different items, though there are more direct skills such as Smithing used to smelt the ore gained through the Mining skill. As well as having their own skills many skills actually complement each other and have a direct benefit to one or more skills, so where for example increasing your Agility will directly affect your Fishing skill, increasing your Fishing skill won’t directly affect your Agility.

The game offers a variety of options and tasks for players to complete if they are struggling with finding something to do, Challenges are a way to focus on skill related tasks that players can complete with their quest and level progression. As well as the typical normal Challenges players also have Daily Challenges each day, randomly selected from the primary list a single Challenge is given and offers greater rewards if completed. There are also a wide variety of Quests and Miniquests in the game focusing on various tasks that players can be sent out to perform, typically heading into dangerous areas and defeating powerful creatures, including Larger Quest Chains/Quest Series‘.

Whether questing, hunting, raiding or even fighting in PVP Combat will play a large part of much of the content that players are involved in and is broken down by a variety of different systems where each player has a Combat Levels that is calculated from a number of their main statistics/skills as well as their Combat Style; Melee, Magic or Ranged, with each will be strong against one style and weaker against another. There are two main systems of combat: Evolution of Combat (EoC) and Legacy. EoC allows the use of Abilities, manoeuvres that allow players to perform special abilities and attacks when in combat, some of which have special prerequisites such as a particular skill level, weapon requirement or room costs in the case of Magic abilities. Legacy combat replicates the older combat system prior to the introduction of EoC where there are no abilities included and in some ways a much more simpler form of combat.

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