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On the continent of Vormis, a new threat brews beneath the capital city of New Jollis. Duke Arkesita, heir to the Praxic Empire and ruler of South Vormis, has declared martial law and sealed the gates of the capital. Without the protection of the capital, a scourge of bandits plague the rural roads, tormenting the villagers that depend on resources from other towns. Kajblood, under the rule of Baron Galadar, has become an impromptu governing body, sending a summons for able-bodied adventurers to help defend the against a recent onslaught of Kobold invasions. Disturbing accounts of necromancers meddling with the undead are whispered in the streets. Even the animals in the region seem affected by some strange aura of unrest.

Only 1000 years after the last fireball was hurled during the Mage Wars, we find ourselves once again at the brink of economic and political disaster. Will our troubled continent be pillaged and acquired by the eagerly awaiting nations to the North?

Who will answer this call and put an end to the cycle of deceit and plunder? Who will uncover the truth behind the Rubies of Eventide?

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Rubies of Eventide
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