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Roll'n Rock is a cute multiplayer on-line casual browser-based sports MMO. It is based on the classic flash game Boom It, but with different rules. No download is required and the game is free-to-play. Players can login and play it directly with tons of online opponents. Featuring easy and simple controls as well as varied and diversified gaming elements, Roll'n Rock will offer players a unique and thrilling gaming experience.

Fresh, lively graphics and cute, adorable characters will make you lose your heart to Roll'n Rock at first sight. Tense, constantly-changing combat, a host of items, and a wide choice of combat modes, all combined to offer players unique and diversified sports fun. With a wealth of clothes and accessories to choose from, you’ll look unique and appealing. The roulette system is an interesting part of Roll'n Rock, allowing players to win random items through spinning a roulette wheel.

The special effects in Roll n’ Rock are stunning and can be found everywhere. The dynamic elements integrated in the interface will serve up a visual feast for the players. The perfectly designed refining and enchanting system will allow you to create unique equipment according to your preference. In the Dating Center, you can check out all the online players on the right of the screen. Click Boys or Girls to select whom you want to make friends with. You can chat with anyone, date him/her, send gifts and even propose to him/her to marry with the wedding system and there are three types of wedding ceremonies you can choose from: Warm, Luxurious and Royal.

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Roll n Rock
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