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Roblox is a Browser F2P Building MMO. Developed By: Roblox Corporation

Roblox is a free to play sandbox MMO where players are able to create their own games and levels using simple to use yet in-depth design and scripting tools to build their own creations and share them with the community. The game itself has its own launcher that plays in a browser window, though there is no individual “game” to play, simply a library of community creations with hundreds and thousands of players playing them at the same time. Whilst there are premium accounts available, purchased with real money to join the “Builders Club”, free players are still able to create and play all the content available.

From a creator point of view, players have access to a centralised developer page that they can use to create and configure their own maps, games, character and accessories, audio and advertise events, giving a dashboard to easily access all their creations. When building a new game players will primarily start with map construction in the Places section, this consists of placing hundreds and thousands of blocks and premade items onto a blank canvas to build up the map for whatever type of game the player wishes to create. Building blocks take on a Lego appearance and the characters within the game also looks similar to Lego characters, players can build block by block to create detailed and impressive looking structures, terrain and environments.

The type of game a player wants to create is only limited by their imagination, with a number of classic genres that games can be listed and searched under including FPS, Fighting, Military, RPG, Sports, Adventure and more. Games can range from something such as a “Wipeout” style obstacle course that players must navigate across, post apocalypse Survival games, Theme Park games where players can ride the attractions, Paintball FPS games to simple social hubs where players can simply meet and chat. Many of the games are remakes of popular games such as Slenderman, Mario, The Sims, Grand Theft Auto as well as taking a number of familiar franchises such as Frozen, Top Model, Pokémon and Spongebob. Games can be instantly accessed with the click of a button, using a number of different search criteria to find the type of game you might like to play and players can simply quit the game by shutting down the browser window and jumping into another instantly. Games can have thousands of players playing them at any one time, so they are typically split into different servers as determined by the game type.

Players can do more than simply playing games, they can earn points by playing games as well as creating them and try to climb their way up the leaderboard. There are a number of different badges that players can also try to earn, including as simple as a Veteran Badge awarded to players that have played for over a year, badges to show the different Builders Club players have paid to join, as well as badges for being victorious in combat, inviting players and making friends.

Players are able to completely customise their block character with a wide selection of items, clothing, body parts, decals and more from the shop Catalogue. Items within the shop are purchased using Robux currency and Tickets, which can be acquired through the game or purchased with real money. Players are able to create their own items and sell them on the store to make money for themselves, many items may be Limited so that there are only a certain number of available, but can be traded or resold later on, Limited Unique that are officially created by ROBLOX and Legend items that can only be purchased by Builders Club members.

The Builders Club is a premium service that allows players to create and manage more environments, gives access to a daily amount of free Robux to spend, as well as giving access to more items that would otherwise be restricted to free players. Any creations made by Builders Club members instantly goes into the catalogue to be purchased by other players, finally Ads do not show up for premium members. There are different packages available that give access to more active places and groups and players can purchase monthly, six months, yearly or lifetime accounts.

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