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Rivality is an exciting next-generation web game in the war strategy genre developed by reputable FunRock Media. The first version of the game was released in August 2008 and got a major update and facelift in its current third version in 2012. FunRock Media has a great passion for creating truly unique and compelling user experiences. But beware some players get addictive to the game and are constantly online to respond to enemy attacks and get the latest updates from allies and the outcome of executed enemy attacks. FunRock is committed to vigorously updating the game. User feedback is highly appreciated in order to improve the game in the direction that the player community. Rivality is played directly in the web browser: Nothing to download and free to play for as long as you like, guaranteed. After the simple registration process you can choose an area to build your own base camp in the gigantic world of Rivality and start building what’s needed to gain power and money in the game.

You will not be alone in Rivality, there are thousands and thousands of other players that are constantly in war with each others. Build big troops and attack your enemies! Maybe you choose to develop your own air force, or you might want to focus on your field troops and close combat, the choice is yours. In order to achieve domination you need to work on your tactics and be really cunning. If you have collaboration skills you might try find your close allies to gain territory, power and climb the charts.

In Rivality you choose an area on the game map to set up your base where you can build different war arsenal and “breed” your troops. You will need money to this so you are also equipped with your very own oil wells. The process of selling oil for money is easy but you need to make sure your base is in the right balance in order to become a successful player by refining your oil in an optimal way. Once you are getting into the game it is time to work on your tactics to gain territory, power and climb the charts. While the game is easy to learn it is hard to master it, just like fighting a real war. You need resources, well trained troops, an arsenal of weapons and vehicles/vessels and the right allies.

Rivality is easy to learn. Most people get into it immediately and if you need some extra help there are help-guides covering every aspect of the game, and probably even more important, an active player community that are very alert and helpful to assist you with the questions and issues you may want to find an answer for. Most people do this just because they are nice and well mannered, others might be equally nice but have an agenda to recruit you to their alliance. Sooner or later you will need to join an alliance, or create your own, as this will increase your chances of succeeding in the game and also makes the game a lot more fun and social.

In short essential game features are: to take part in the gigantic world of Rivality, building your own base to fight alone or with your war alliance; to smash opponents by developing great war tactics; the possibility to unite friends to form big unique alliance, to overcome even the biggest and strongest opponent; the chance to stay always in touch with the game via notifications; the chance to follow the updates with your alliance in the closed forum.

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