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Rift is a MMO RPG F2P for Windows developed by Trion Worlds

On the world of Telara all the elemental planes have reached a focal point where the planes intersect with each other, control of such a place will yield great power to its user and so the Dragon deity of Extinction, Regulos, banded together the other ruling elemental planner Dragons with the purpose of invading Telara. The Dragons were all beat back, Regulos cast back into the elemental planes and his five Dragon allies trapped beneath a ward to seal them away forever, but this was not to be. Regulos reached Telara, broke the ward and now Rifts have begun to appear all over the world that have started to empower the dragons for their new war.

Rift is a free to play fantasy based MMORPG where players take on the role of the Ascended, the resurrected defenders of Telara who must travel the realm and seek out the Rifts in battle to close them whilst defeating the forces of Regulos. As well as this battle against Regulos’ and his army the Ascended has divided into two factions, the Guardians and the Defiant; the Guardians are pious worshippers of the prime deity, the Vigil, whereas the Defiant are warriors from the future that have seen the destruction of the world and the part that religion of the Vigil played it, making the two factions enemies even though they share a common goal.

Players will be able to choose from four primary classes; Mage, Warrior, Cleric and Rogue, each of which has 10 different Souls that it can specialise in, these souls will provide different unique attributes and skills to the player depending upon their choice and essentially acts as a sub-class (creating 40 sub-classes in the game). The Mage focuses on Sorcery and the power to harness the elemental energies from the planes themselves, converting this power into mana and manipulating the magic to heal, cast powerful spells, summon minions and even raise the dead. Warriors are the primary melee martial class, their combat style depending upon their chosen Soul ranging from agile fighters, heavily armoured soldiers that even those that have some mastery over spells with the ability to bolster allies with divine magic, heal and more. Clerics call forth and command the various powers of the many patron deities of Telara, ranging from Druids of the forests able to turn to nature itself as an ally with all manner of fae spirits flocking to their aid, or the occultist Inquisitor able to use pain and divine wrath as their tools of destruction. The Rogue is equally as varied as the other classes, using poisons, blades, bows and beasts they can administer pain, heal at range, use sorcery and song or skulk in the darkness with stealth as their primary weapon.

PVE plays a key part of the primary gameplay in Rift, a heavily quest-based MMORPG players will travel from zone to zone seeking out and trying to close the Rifts themselves, the tears in the fabric of reality that have opened up Telara to the threats of the elemental planes and Dragon deities. Each zone has a number of events that can dynamically change the area itself, with huge planar creatures and constructs invading from the Rifts if players are not quick to destroy them they can see their favourite NPC’s and locations destroyed! Players have the option of using the Instant Adventure queue that when triggered will instantly take players and their group to an area in Telara where their abilities and needed the most, with their own objectives and enemies to kill it means that instant challenges are only a click away. Players can also try to tackle the huge 20 player raids that link directly into the ongoing story arc itself where players must face off against some of the greatest threats Telara has faced, including the Dragon Gods of the Blood Storm.

The war against Regulos is only as fierce as the battle between the Ascended as players from the Guardians and the Defiant can go head-to-head in PVP in a variety of instanced based Warfronts; huge open battlefields, or even in open world combat and players can earn a variety of gear, glory, XP and other rewards.

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