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Red Stone is a fascinating game with a very classic feel to it. The game is focused on one thing: fun! It is filled with classic RPG elements, which makes it very accessible to new players. Everything feels familiar, right from the start. There are some different features, though, which make Red Stone unique. The most important of these are outlined below.

The CP System

Unlike most MMORPGs, there is no mechanic of “Mana” or “Magic Points” that are required to use special abilities in Red Stone. Instead, there is the Charge Point (CP) system, which is set up to ensure combat is always dynamic and interesting, and is a feature unique to Red Stone.

Charge Points increase when a character lands a successful attack, and can also be gained via other special bonuses. Using one of a character’s special abilities will expend Charge Points. It is also important to note that the speed at which a character is moving affects the expenditure of Charge Points. It is easier to do battle standing still, after all.

The CP system creates a very intriguing form of combat, and leads to a more immersive battle environment than that found in other MMORPG’s.

TF System The TF System

One of the most exciting game design features in Red Stone is the power to transform. This power gives adventurers fantastic gameplay options for each character class and opens up a world of strategy most MMORPGs lack.

Each of the eight character classes can transform, changing between sets of abilities and weapon options at any time. The squire with sword and shield can transform into a warrior and wield a two-handed sword. The peaceful tamer can communicate with creatures as beasts of burden or become the imposing summoner with the ability to control divine creatures of fantastic power. The archer can use her bow or switch into a lancer and fight with a pole-arm if enemies get too close. The healing priest can fight well with a mace and shield or transform into the powerful fallen angel, and the potent magician casting elemental magic can change into werewolf form against creatures resistant to magic but frail when assaulted with physical damage. Even more astonishing transformations are possible. The princess with her sling can turn into the little witch able to control light and sound as weapons, the necromancer with dominion over corpses can become the demon that wields fiery whips and the magic powers of Hell itself, and the trap-savvy thief able to detect danger and open locks can turn into the monk, whose bare hands are lethal weapons.

To find the missing pieces, seekers must use every skill they can bring into the perilous wilderness. The power to transform may very well be the advantage you need to discover what no one else can find: the Red Stone.

TF System Fortune Boxes

Fortune Boxes are acquired via the Merchant Mall, and contain random items. Every Fortune Box contains at least one item, some of which can be quite rare and powerful. Beyond just the items themselves, though, if you are very lucky you will find that your Fortune Box contains a ticket. Tickets come in bronze, silver, and gold, and can be exchanged for even stronger item rewards. There are some truly amazing pieces of gear available via Fortune Boxes, so don’t miss out on this exciting way to strengthen your character.

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Red Stone
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