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Based On The Japanese Campus Style Background
The entire road feature in-game are based on the actual measurements and props in real life, therefore it gives you virtual reality feeling!

Various Avatar Styles
Currently, there are three campuses in this game, each campus sells clothing of different levels with the basic uniforms from all three campuses and all the exclusive clothing from different societies. All added up will come up to over a hundred types.

Multiple Types of Missions
Players can experience over hundreds of different missions. When a mission accomplished, players might get the tools or weapons that fits his/her level, or can even gain the XP and gold coins. Meanwhile, players can have a better understanding in maps and game play by carrying out missions.

Multiple Types of Chatting System
The Chat Function is divided into: Normal, Team, Group and Speaker… with different kinds of frequencies. Players can choose whichever option they prefer.

Activate "Combat Mode" Duel
Using ?Duel? is a fundamental and must be agreeable by both parties. Players can fight with each other in the PVP mode and it will not affect the development of characters.

The Challenge For The Highest Level 200
Meanwhile, the highest level in this game is up to Level 200 that allows players to challenge high levels characters.

Multiple Weapons (Guarding Tools) Attributes Upgrade
Abrasive Potion can be used to increase the attack power and defense power of the weapons and guarding tools, the level of damage to the opponent may vary.

Opening of Personal Trading Shop
There is a function added where players can set up their own shop, which allows players to sell their equipment they have, while practicing.

Various Attributes Upgrade
In the game, it doesn’t matter if it is weapons or guarding tools, it will contain the Fire, Ice, Thunder and Poison…(types of elements). The elements in the weapons will cause the related damage during attacks, and guarding tools being upgraded by the Abrasive Potion will also increase its defense power against these elements.

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Ran Online
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