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Rainbow Saga is a F2P MMO RPG Browser game developed by NGames.

Rainbow Saga is a free to play browser-based RPG where players can explore a vast realm as one of three different classes as players embark on an epic quest as the Chosen One. During the game players will unlock all manner of different skills and items that will make them grow in power so that they can take on more difficult challenges, quests and instances and even engage in PVP with players from around the world. The wonderfully designed graphics use a chibi/anime style and are accompanied with a pleasant soundtrack and simple interface and basic controls.

The game plays as a 2-D side scrolling platform game where players will wander around the world talking to NPC's, picking up new quests and completing them in order to gain XP and gold currency that can be used for a variety of in game features. Using simple directional arrow keys for movement, spacebar to jump and different keys to perform a variety of attacks players will be engaged in the action-based combat where they are fully in control of attacking and outmanoeuvring their enemies and navigating the world full of jumps, drops and places to explore.

Into the game players will reach an Elder of the village as the player goes through their Trials to become a Guardian, the Elder will ask a number of different questions on what type of Guardian they see themselves as, which in turn will guide the player to a particular class that may be suitable for them. There are currently three classes in the game: Elementalist, Shadow Ranger and Holy Knight. The Elementalist is a ranged magic user that can manipulate the elements and has various magical attacks to shock, storm and damage their opponents. The Shadow Ranger is a fast ranged combatant, firing off darts from a distance, they are nimble and athletic and if their star burns within their body can deal considerably more damage. Finally the Holy Knight, a heavy armour wearing soldier equipped with sword and shield they are frontline fighters with strong defences and brutal melee attacks.

When players explore the world there are numerous enemies in which they can freely attack, however many of the quests and story lines will lead players into instanced based stages. To attempt a stage players are required to spend 10 stamina, their stamina comes from a pool that replenishes over time or, if the player has run out of stamina, they can spend real-world cash to top back up. The stages advance the storyline and typically consist of fighting through a number of enemies until the player faces off against a more challenging Boss, Bosses hit harder and have considerably more hit points than normal enemies. At the end of an instance players are given a rating out of three stars, the number of stars they earned determines their rewards but all players have a chance to flip one of five random cards to gain an extra bonus reward. Players are able to return to stages and try to complete them again to improve their score at a later time.

To grow in power players will gain XP, as they do so they gain access to skill points to upgrade the various skills they have available or unlock new skills to equip to their skill bar. Players can also spend their earned gold in the Smithy feature to upgrade their items and weapons, in doing so it will directly increase the characters Power Rating. Similarly players can complete specific goals to unlock titles that once equipped can be seen by other players but also give the character a bonus, players can also unlock pets and the Astrology system to further improve their character.

There are a variety of challenges in the game, but towards higher levels players will concentrate more on the Instances which act similar to a quest stage but are available to multiple players and the end Boss provide a greater challenge but also yields great rewards. Alternatively players may wish to try their hand at the Arena and engage in some player versus player combat to test their skills against other real-world players and earn rewards, either fighting solo or with a group of five with teams automatically balanced.

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Rainbow Saga
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