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Developed by CJ E&M Corp for Windows, Prius Online is a free to play 3D cinematic MMORPG with high quality production, immersive storyline, three character system, and many other unique features. Prius’ storyline are many dramatic in-game movie scenes. Unlike traditional cut scenes, the scenes in Prius are rendered on demand, featuring your character in the cinematic sequences.

The key feature of Prius is the Three Character System (3C System), which allows players to utilize their main character, the Adventurer, their female companion, the Anima, and enormous powerful mercenaries, the Gigas, when in battle. The Anima, whose abilities offer support and protection to the Adventurer, summons the Gigas to demolish bosses and foes. Players get to play all three characters on a journey to defend Prius from evil. Prius offers a large variety of dungeons, ranging from traditional instanced, through timed dungeons to arena type survival waves. In an effort to keep players on their toes several interesting mechanics and difficulty settings has been implemented, affecting enemy spawning. Players can expect random spawn locations, random patrols, and even mini bosses.

There are four different races: Hume (Humes have the most complicated social structure among the races of Prius, as well as the most prominent individual characteristics. The curiosity that consumes the Hume has left them with an unmatched resourcefulness and the ability to adapt to anything they encounter), Lon (They are fiercely loyal to those who have earned their endearment. Typically Lon establish villages or communities with other Lons of the same gender, as there is some hostility between the sexes), Ayin (They are gifted with unparalleled strength, wisdom and beauty; the flawlessness of these beings is envied even by the gods. These racial traits have not gone unnoticed by the Ayin themselves, and it is often said that while all forms of life are in awe of the Ayin, none hold them in such high regard as themselves) and Beriah (With a strong focus on the arts and intellectual pursuits, the Bariah are seen in a most unique light by the other races. While their physical strength is insignificant, none can surpass the psychic powers they release through Music). And it features seven starting classes, each with its own layer of customization and skills allowing for multiple styles of gameplay. At level 25 players will be able to change into one of two master classes, expanding from their original class. The starting classes are: Occultists, Gunslinger, Berserker, Huntress, Legionnaire, Minstrel and Shadow Templar.

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Prius Online
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