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The battle for Prime has begun as two mighty nations battle over the powerful energy resource that alters the world giving its users power over it, in the lands of Prime World everyone needs Prime. Align yourself with the Dohkt Imperium or the Keepers of Adornia, the two rivalling Empires that are locked in an endless war, battling for control of the alien resource; those who seek world conquest must first control the Prime.

Play as a hero and duke it out against other players in enemy factions as you fight through fast and furious battles, find glory and riches and build up your own castle for combat superiority against your foes. Castles are an important feature in the game and heroes can construct all manner of buildings in their personal growing settlement, thereby unlocking new skills and talents to use on the battlefield.

Starting at each end of a battle map players will fight it out through one of six different combat modes, each with its own unique aspects, monsters and strategically significant points that players can capture to seize control of more territory for their chosen faction.

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Prime World
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