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Developed by Sony Online Entertainment Planetside 2 is one of the newest and largest MMOFPS’s on the market. Set on the world of Auraxis players will go head to head in a three way faction war in a battle for territory and resources. Play as the Vanu Sovereignty who with their developed alien techs seeks to dominate the Auraxis as they search for ancient artifacts scattered across the planets’ surface. Enlist as one of the faceless oppressed Terran Republic whose authoritarian dictatorship look to bring law and order through force. Sign up to the New Conglomerate; the rag tag bunch of loosely bound dissidents that fight directly against the Terran Republic as freedom fighters, rebels and terrorists. With a number of different features such as in game squad voice chat, world and vicinity text chat, XP gaining to increase Battle Rank and unlocking new certifications for weapons and improvements, Planetside 2 is more than just your typical MMOFPS.

The battle for Auraxis takes place on currently three different continents, though more have already been promised for the future, each of which offers a completely different setting. The continents are broken down into dozens of territories with each faction having its own HQ at different ends of the map. Each territory has one or more control points that can be taken by a member of a faction being within the near proximity of a point until the point is taken over. Once done that faction earns points over time for that territory whilst the point is under their control which go to an overall status bar for that individual territory; when that bar is filled the entire territory comes under the control of a single faction. Controlling a territory means that players of that faction can now respawn there if they die (death is merely a temporary inconvenience in Planetside 2), but also the entire faction can gain bonuses from certain key territories. However, in order to gain the benefits from a distant territory the faction must also control territories that can link it to their HQ. The process of territory combat means an ever shifting interactive map which displays who currently controls which areas and where fighting is currently happening on the continent.

In combat you are able to play as a number of interchangeable classes, each of which with their own unique perks and different weapons; the Light Infantry has a jetpack to jump over high walls and reach upper levels, the Heavy Infantry has the use of a personal shield and rocket launcher to use against aircraft and tanks and the “Max” (Mechanized Exo-Suit) is a huge armoured walking tank with dual weapons for its arms. The more support type roles consist of the Infiltrator who uses a long range sniper rifle and has the ability to turn himself partially invisible with a cloak, the Medic who can resurrect fallen players and also has multiple ways to heals his allies, and the Engineer who can mount armor piercing turrets and lay down mines against his enemies. As well as infantry combat players are also able to use a number of vehicles, from quads, personnel carriers, tanks and even multiple types of aircraft for full air to air and air to ground combat.

Planetside 2 is a free to play game and all content is available, including purchasing items, armor, weapons and vehicles with in game currency that can be earned by playing. With a small monthly subscription (which can be purchased monthly, 6 months or yearly) players can gain more benefits with extra XP earned and more in game currency to buy from the extensive list of items in the in-game shop. For those who do not wish to purchase a subscription all items are available to buy as single item purchases with real currency.

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Planetside 2
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