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Planetarion is a space-themed game which is played through your web browser against thousands of other players around the world. All you need to play Planetarion is a computer with an internet connection and a web browser that can display images.

Planetarion is a real time game, in which the action is divided into 'ticks' , which means that events in the game (such as combat, construction etc.) happen each 'tick'. Prior to the 'tick' you can cancel or change most of your instructions. The ticks happen each hour, on the hour, and there are as a result 24 ticks each day. The game is free to play but the free accounts are heavily limited in what they can do. paid accounts have no such restriction. You can upgrade your account at any point in time in the game, it does not need to be done on signup however you are only able to access the private galaxies options while in protection ( the first 48 ticks of your account ). If you upgrade after this it wont appear for you.
You can pay for your account by following the link to the payment site on the preferences screen.

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