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Ready to play directly in your browser, Pirate Chronicles is a browser-based mmo game with historical fantasy, RPG, city-building, business and strategy elements. Developed by ShangHai-headquared WeiQu for internet browsers. It features rich Browser Based SLG + RPG; epic game world with thousands of rewarding quests; three distinct nations: Western Europeans, Northern Europeans and Arabs; pirate Captain and Flag Ship Systems with extensive RPG elements; completely browser-based, no downloads required, and free to play; and regular major content updates.
Pirate Chronicles will provide players a magnificent adventure, a chance to become a business owner, an opportunity to reshape history and become the king of pirates! Players can recruit pirate crew, trade resources, build great pirate bases, battle other pirates, fight in arenas, and much more.

Players can start the game immediately without installing any client or plug-ins, and the game can work on any platform that has a browser, even on an iPad. Players are also able to play the game on facebook for easy access and socialize with real friends.

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Pirate Chronicles
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